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Reactive Programming / Akka Streams

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Kevin Webber: Akka Streams

Pub/sub, dynamic push/pull, non-blocking, non-dropping; these are some of the concepts we'll cover, but more importantly we'll discuss how to leverage streams in a real-world application. Are streams just collections? How do I incorporate streams into a real world architecture? What are the benefits? These are a few of the questions we’ll answer during this talk.

About the speaker: Kevin Webber is Enterprise Advocate at Typesafe, Inc. ( He is also the founder of Reactive Toronto (

Directions and Parking:

Entrance: Corner of Dillon and Dean Streets. Note: GPS Maps will take you to the Natty Boh tower as this is the main campus address. We are the building behind the tower.

Parking: There is a 40 car visitors lot directly in front of our building (again, not the tower). There is ample street parking in the residential area around us and the streets that line the campus. There is a 200 car lot that folks can use that is for the Hanover Brewer's condos