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Hey there, fellow Scinguist: (Singer/Scientist/Linguist)! Are you only one, or none, of these things? No worries, come see what you've been missing:

Singer? Come learn about the actual (fun!) linguistics and science of how to improve your voice. Trips to Open Mics, Stroboscopy (see inside your throat), Info Sessions, College Lectures.

Scientist? Come see the exciting linguistic and vocal advancements waiting to be made in: Vocal Waveform Analysis, Kymography, Clinical Voice, Trans Voice.

Linguist? Come engage with the final frontier of phonology: paralinguistic voice! Apply linguistic field analysis at Live Vocal Performances, Stroboscopy, Interviews of Local Artists.

None of the above? Scinguistics is a great way to get active while learning more about an instrument you use everyday! PS - Events with cheap/free booze!

Past events (27)

See Your Vocal Cords Live on Video!

GBMC Campus

HalloSCREAM: Voice Workshop (and After-Party)

Copycat building

Voice Teacher Q&A/Scinguistics Event Planning!

Copycat building

Scinguistics Cook-In: FREE BBQ and Vocal Coaching!

Copycat building

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