What we're about

Traditional Witchcraft means many things to many people. In general we might explain it as a flavor of witchcraft influences by folklore (both ancient and new), cultural mythos and lore from around the world, the "cunning" arts of the wise folks of the British Isles and beyond, and the imagery of the Witches Sabbath known to us through story and art throughout the ages. It may or may not be religious but it is always a craft, practical and true to the people who practice it. It has no standard "moral" or code of ethics, being bound only by the personal moral compass of each specific person. Traditional witchcraft is generally "non-Wiccan", although there are crafters who also belong to that religion and they can share some similarities at time, being influences by each other.

There are various specific named "traditions" within traditional craft although this group won't focus on a particular one. We aim to be syncretic, pulling from various wisdom traditions and bodies of lore as we desire.

What is the purpose of this group? We'd like this to begin as a self-paced study group with the possibility of a mentorship-like structure possible in the future. Depending on interest, we may eventually look at working practical magic together- meeting in some wild place and calling out to the spirits of this land directly. Meetings may be in a mixture of public places or private homes depending on need.

About the organizer: This is an early project by David Salisbury, new to Baltimore and coming from DC as a co-organizer of The Firefly House, a large tradition of witches in that area. David is an initiate of the Anderson Feri tradition, which is an American vein of traditional witchcraft started in California by Victor and Cora Anderson in the 1930s. He'll be aided by his partner Nick who also belongs to their Mid-Atlantic Cunning Craft study group based in the Silver Spring area.

Past events (9)

Autumntide Lunch and Outdoor Working

Red Emma's Bookstore Coffeehouse

Sorcerous Picnic @ Patterson Park

The Pagoda at Patterson Park

Baltimore Traditional Witchcraft Meet & Greet Mixer

Red Emma's Bookstore Coffeehouse

Potion Making Workshop in Silver Spring

David's Silver Spring Home

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