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July 2015 Meeting - Two Presentations!

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Mark G. and Ed M.


We will have two topics for the July meeting.

Our first topic is an overview from Ignite 2015 presented by Tim Kulp


Microsoft had a very strong message from Build and Ignite: “Come and Play”. In this brief review we’ll look at how Microsoft is reinventing itself to be a service company and how those services help you deliver faster, cheaper and universal applications.

Our second topic is an overview of Akka.Net presented by Matt Burleigh & Sean Killeen


Akka.NET is an Actor Model Framework that helps .Net developers create powerful concurrent & distributed applications more easily. The project is open source and recently released version 1.0. More details are on the project home page at .

This talk will cover the high level concepts of Actors and Actor Systems, and demonstrate scaling across multiple processes and multiple computers.

Matt Burleigh:

Matt has more than 20 years of development experience, and more than 10 years with the .Net framework. He still gets twitchy when someone mentions DCOM or CORBA and doesn't want to get into a discussion about where the curly brace should go.

He has been recently taken a Senior Developer position at Pandora to focus on Azure; previously he was a Lead Developer at Constellation/Exelon for over 6 years.

Sean Killeen:

Sean is currently a top contributor to the Akka.NET project on Github. A DC-area transplant since 2009, he is currently a Senior Software Developer at CoStar Group, which recently purchased and relaunched (he is not responsible for you seeing Jeff Goldblum's face everywhere right now).

When not in front of a keyboard, he's a big fan of IPAs, baseball, and singing (true story: he was in an a capella group). He enjoys automating builds and tests, and thinks continuous improvement of our development skillset is paramount -- which is why he's been so excited to dig into and present on Akka.NET.

You can find him blogging at or tweeting from @sjkilleen. Say hi!

1300 Bank Street · Baltimore, MD
13 spots left