Canceled Meetup

Please read below: Healing Roots, Herbs & Minerals for a Healthy Life


Hi All,

I would love to bring John and Marj Ann to our group. I went to a recent workshop with them and think we all need this information. They are sharing their knowledge and work freely, but do have to eat, buy supplies and pay for gas traveling to workshops. In order to make this meet up happen, we need a good group of people and bring $20 for a donation. Please contact me if you are interested to make this happen. They are giving the presentation on Saturday the 6th of April from 1-4PM at Sky Mountain Institute. LOCATION: 2855 Cordrey Drive, Harmony Grove-Elfin Forest Area, North County, San Diego; location of Sky Mountain Institute’s demonstration Center for Local Food Systems and Eco-education.TO REGISTER: Contact Alden or Ann Hough by email at or phone: (760) 471 9354 for more information. A $20 donation is suggested for this workshop.

If we can't make it happen here, I strongly suggest you go to this one. I will try to bring them for a garden day later in the month. Stay tuned.......

Healing Roots, Herbs & Minerals
for a Healthy Life
with John Monroe and Marj Ann

Learn how indigenous people used unprocessed minerals and native plants to heal themselves and the land. These are the practices you need to know to face the challenges caused by toxins in the environment, today and the future. Emerge with practical applications for protection from radiation, heavy metal detoxification, water purification, plant fortification and pest control.

John and Marj have a passion for teaching people how to live sustainably in the nuclear age using unprocessed minerals and native plants for applications designed to purify and fortify ones’ body, animals, plants and environment. John brings a bright vision of how we can work in harmony with the earth from his indigenous lineage of the Americas, through the knowledge that these practices still hold the strength they once held long ago and are critical to the challenges of our future.