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Gardening in closed containers.

What are closed containers?

Closed container systems have a trough to hold water and also a wicking feature that distributes water to the plants through the soil. It is “closed” because the water and nutrients are kept within the system and do not drain out.

Come and be informed about:

Ø the advantages of growing your own food in closed system containers

Ø garden problems that can be solved by using containers

Ø how containers allow almost anyone to grow food at home

Ø the variety of containers that are available at retail cost

Ø how to make containers at home

Ø how to create your own container mix that can be adapted for various types of plants

Ø succession planting

Taught by Marlowe McAnear.

“Since my property has very little soil and sun available I have adapted to growing in closed containers. I developed a routine that allows me to grow basic crops providing my family with a constant supply of green vegetables in the winter and tomatoes and cucumbers in the summer.”

Donations to cover material and show appreciation for our volunteer teachers are welcome and encouraged.