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Learn all there is to know to compost your kitchen and yard waste successfully. Compost not only gives you "brown gold" for your garden, but you are doing your part to help the environment. Less items into the landfill, less gas being used to cart it there, less exhaust in the air we all breath - you get the picture.

We are going to start this one hands on.

First, we are going to brew some aerated compost tea - so useful for so many different things. Next, if you don't have a worm compost yet, here is your chance to make your very own bin. Many different containers can be used for a worm compost or even no container at all. But a simple plastic bin has worked for me for many years. If you want to make one, bring a bin, i.e. 20 gal, or a small one for an "under the sink" bin. Size depends on how much scraps you like to compost with this method.

Then on to a hot pile (we talk about a cold pile at the same time). You can bring: coffee grinds (go by your local coffee shop and ask for grinds), juice pulp (smoothie shop/your own), kitchen scraps (no meat, diary or fat), shredded paper, dried leaves, grass clippings (fresh and pesticide free, please), anything else you think might be suitable for a pile.

If you have more questions, we can take you through a more formal presentation as well

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