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We invite all the Business Owners to join this group who would like to get value and power to develop their business. This is a community of dedicated and committed business owners supporting each other to cause extra-ordinary business growth. As a business owner, if you think you need support for your business growth you are welcome as an active member. You are about to create miracles in your business if you are going to be a part of this meetup!

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Business Yogi® Business Meet “GO FOR BUSINESS, GROW MORE BUSINESS!” Networking, for sure, is an important activity towards taking your business to the next level. It is, primarily, an investment in creating and maintaining relationships! However, do you experience so? When have you taken a bold business decision that is a game-changer for your business? Being just busy with networking and meeting people do not direct towards scaling up your business. It is, rather, a more strategic and structured activity. FEW FACTS ABOUT BUSINESS NETWORKING Do you know these facts about business networking? • The study on Business Networking states that around 60% of networking communities leave the network within six months! Why do they leave if their intention was to increase their business? • Get a group of like-minded business friends seldom happens for many! • Getting new connects is a process of transformative learning and skill rather than just meeting people or being trained to be effective in it! • Many do not know how (or find it difficult) to terminate an ineffective business relationship though it is an important leadership skill! WHY NETWORKING IS NOT WORKING FOR MANT? Networking works! However, it is not working for many too! • Attitude: The attitudes like "first you help me!", “what is in it for me?” are the common barriers to ineffective networking! It takes a long time to get this skill through any personality development program! • Comfort Zone: By design, human beings love to be in their comfort zone! Breaking one's comfort is the effort required to create new relationships! Through soft skill-training programs, it will take a long time to get this skill! Unplanned Action: Going for networking without a proper plan and intention makes it a difficult process. It ends in spending time with not fetching those results that can fulfil the organizational vision. Many, also, end up having unproductive relationships, which eventually takes them to business breakdowns and problems. • Communication: Not having an ability to communicate freely, powerfully and effectively is another reason found in many! Many business owners struggle in this area. • Firefighting: Few join a networking group when they face any problem in business development and leave when it starts working or not giving immediate results. Many are blind to this behaviour. • Weak Relationships: One cannot leverage any business from weak and fragile relationships! Many do not have this skill and do not know how to go beyond this barrier. THE OPPORTUNITY Here is the opportunity to see what it takes for you, to grow and scale your business to the next level. This is nothing to do with networking but everything with the intention of why one does networking! Too much focus on networking takes away the net-worth of business eventually. Networking eventually must increase the net-worth of your organization! OPPORTUNITY FOR GUESTS Whether things are not happening in your favor or you are hungry to grow at a faster pace, it is time to enhance your business net-worth so that you can start the work of scaling up your business. You will experience that Business Networking is important but takes lesser time and easier too. Business Yogi® Business-Break-Fast Meeting is the right choice for you to have this skill! Know more about the Business Yogi® Dormant within you! Opportunity for Business Yogi® Members Business Yogi® Break-Fast Meeting is the space, specifically for you, to get mastery in scaling up your business. As Dr. Sreekumar says, "Business is a science to start-up, mathematics to pick-up and art to scale-up!" This Business Net-Worth meeting is the support structure for the Business Yogi® Members to keep the conversation of experiential and transformative learning alive as well as creating the space and energy conducive for business growth. MEETING DATE 14th of every month DURATION 8.00 am to 9.30 am BREAKFAST 9.30 am to 10.00 am

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