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This being the month of love, it's only fair we spend some lovely time with the most lovable beings. Also Summer is just around the corner and we can't let our buddies feel the heat now, can we?. So join us this Sunday to give the furries a Cooling bath and have fun de-stressing yourself. 🚩Requirements:🚩 *We are also in need of lot of pet Shampoos and towels/clothes to dry our buddies up. If you are willing to contribute, please do contact.* Contact : Amar - 9035798960/ Suren 8892839840

Sai Shelter, Devanahalli

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    We always expect the change to happen. We hope and wait for it to happen. Less we realize that change keeps happening all the time, everything changes as its inevitable but still why do we say that “Things have to change " or "Change has to happen". We say so because all the change happening around doesn't always be a positive or constructive one.

    We feel bad when we come across child labour, when we hear our country as a Rape capital, racial discrimination, down trodden, when we see traffic choked roads, garbage dumped across city, pollution and environmental issues etc. etc... We do expect all these things to change positively but can it happen without we involving in it... so this group is for the people who believe that they can influence or be the change agents.

    We will do volunteering activities wherever change is required either initiated by us or by any other organization for a good cause. We will work partnering with government or non-government organizations. Let it be teaching in a school or setting up a library or renovating a needy school or a simple fun activity/ taking up garbage issue in your locality or a plantation drive/ just following traffic rules at all times as a dutiful citizen. We are not just volunteers, we are more than that. To reiterate that, I met a friend recently, he said that he wears a banner around him while riding bicycle to office and the banner reads “Honk less please ". He shared that he would be happy if at least a person changes seeing it. He is a Change agent and we are all.

    Welcome to Bangalore Change agents. We don't need prior experience in volunteering or to be change agents - just the will to do so.

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