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The motivation of this meetup is to provide a venue for people to discuss Computer Vision. To that degree, we would like to make this a platform to discuss the mathematics behind it and to motivate the younger engineers to read papers without being afraid of the mathematics. So we highly recommend reading these papers even if most of it goes over your head. After a few iterations, they will start making more sense.

Join us to have fun, learning and discussing math!

Checkout our github page (https://github.com/sumodm/bcvm) for some interesting stuff.

Past events (35)

Understanding Neural machine Translation (NMT)

Soliton Technologies Pvt Ltd.

Projective Geometry in 3D Vision

Needs a location

History and Evolution of Natural Language Processing

Soliton Technologies Pvt Ltd.

Introduction to Neural Turing Machines

Soliton Technologies Pvt Ltd.

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