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Have you been amazed by complexities around distributed computing and why it is one of the most researched branches of computer science? Did you ever wonder what are today's challenges and theoretical limits with respect to building distributed systems and how to push these boundaries? Were you looking to get a deeper understanding of CAP theorem or the byzantine generals problem and its applicability to today's practical data center environments? Are you struggling to understand the Paxos or the Raft algorithm and its use in achieving consensus in the presence of byzantine failures? Are you planning to write, enhance or even just comprehend complex distribution middleware focusing on these problems?

And as if this was not enough, the cloud came raining down on us, with additional requirements of elasticity, horizontal scale out and the need to be tolerant to partial failures. We all understand that there is no 'silver bullet' that we can seed the cloud with and rain fully elastic, highly scalable, low latency, fault tolerant and resilient distribution middleware that can run on them, right? But we still want to understand the challenges and trade-off and make the right choices for our business use cases, be it complex big data or web applications or simple run of the mill web applications wanting to scale out and up.

Come join us in this journey of fact finding and discovery. Let us travel together into the realm of distributed computing and discover the hidden secrets and see what it takes to distribute logic and data.

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