• Robot Operating System (ROS) in the Jupyter Notebook

    Rapyuta Robotics India

    Interactive computing is coming to ROS: The Jupyter Notebook is well-known in data science as a means to explore datasets and create immediate, interactive visualizations. Join us this Saturday 26th October, 2019 from 2pm - 4:30pm to hear two brilliant speakers discuss how they are trying to make the new JupyterLab IDE a more productive environment for ROS Developers! WHAT: FREE MEETUP -- Interactive Computing with ROS WHEN: SATURDAY 26th OCTOBER, 2019 TIME: 2pm - 4:30pm WHERE: Rapyuta Robotics, 100ft Rd, Indiranagar (Landmark: Just above Mi store on 100ft road) Google Maps URL: https://goo.gl/maps/WEW78uMqd9q1mBc67 PRICE: FREE and OPEN TO ALL if you register via this instamojo URL: https://imojo.in/hdtf7g About the Speakers: -------------------------------- Wolf Vollprecht Wolf is an experienced software developer. He finished his Master in Robotics, Systems and Controls at ETH Zurich in 2017 with a specialization in AI and Deep Learning. His current work focuses on making it easier to program and simulate robots by applying the lessons learned from the machine learning and data science community to robotics and combining Jupyter with ROS. Chaitanya Deep Deep is a frontend engineer at Rapyuta Robotics. With a formal education in Mechanical Engineering, he’s obsessed with pixel perfect web interfaces and visualizations. He's recently introduced to robotics and ROS and spent the past few months trying to move ROS visualization tools to the web. MORE DETAILS ABOUT THE MEETUP: The new JupyterLab IDE is being configured to present a more productive environment for ROS developers with specialized widgets: the jupyter-ros package offers RViz-like interactive 3D robot visualizations, as well as tools to make message sending, topic subscribing and live plotting more convenient. During this meetup, the speakers will demonstrate using the JupyterLab as a Cloud Robotics IDE and the Jupyter voilá toolkit to turn notebooks into standalone web applications. The event starts with an introduction to ROS, Jupyter and Jupyter widgets, followed by a demo of a robotic arm controlled through the Jupyter notebook and Rapyuta robotics' open-source work on visualizations in Jupyter notebooks for ROS data NOTES: + This is a FREE meetup that is open to all, organized by Makespace and Open Source Creativity (www.bangaloremakespace.org) and hosted by the Bangalore office of Rapyuta Robotics (https://www.rapyuta-robotics.com/) + Please register (for free) via https://imojo.in/hdtf7g + If you have any questions about the meetup, please contact Kavita Arora via [masked]