What we're about

Who are we?

It’s all about meeting the right people, you know. We at Kloh bring people together with similar interests through our unique events. Don’t worry even if you are shy, we have super casual happy events to ensure that no one is sitting in a corner.

We hate to make small talk too. We bring fun events coz people are more expressive and can connect when they are having fun. There are thousands of people locally wanting to connect to make new friends. You just have to turn up to one of our events. No pressure of talking, we believe in doing things together and getting connected.

If you like meeting new people, Kloh is for you.

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What kind of experiences do we organize?

We organize 20 - 30 experiences in a month in the following categories. The events are small scale so that people get a chance to know each other and get personal attention. At each event, we try to do something different so that people always come back asking for more.

Food & Drinks


We have many food & nightlight events. They are the best events with a very high socializing score. We organize ice cream events where you can create your own icecreams, mix your own cocktails, brew your own beer, or play beer games at Beer Olympics.

Fitness, Sports & Yoga

We have unique Yoga Workshops and Fitness Tournaments. They are the best for trying something different in a class environment. We have a monthly Soap Football Party and Foosball Tournament.




We've been doing multi activity weekends for where we travel to an unknown camping spot and hike to enjoy scenic beauty or relax with your book.



We regularly take part in volunteering events where people spend the time to do something good and share happiness with the kids. We celebrated Diwali, independence day with them.


Apart from the social fun activities, we do a lot of workshops in many categories like art & craft. Make Diyas and lanterns for Diwali.


Who attends our events?

Age is no barrier as long as you are young at heart and over 18. We are mainly from the early 20s to late 30s.


Can I come alone?

YES! Don’t worry even if you are shy, we have super casual happy events to ensure that no one is sitting in a corner.

If you are nervous about coming to an event alone, please don't be, almost everyone has turned up to an event before without knowing anyone and we all know what it's like.


Why do we do it?

Quite simply - we all share a passion for the great events and meeting new people.

We have had so many wonderful experiences and met so many nice people. We can't wait to show everyone the things you can do near you without spending a lot.

Why Kloh?

A very good question. Although there are so many pubs and cafes everywhere for the weekend, that was not enough to satisfy your happiness quotient. Our motto is simple- do something different. And when we are always running after deadlines, snapping rains or wasting time in traffic, our chances of meeting new people are very slim. Our team plans out the entire event details so that everyone has a good time.

You will definitely get something out from every experience and will have a great time attending each one of them. We get local artists to host their workshops to promote their passion.

We only offer social unique trips that you will not experience anywhere in the city perfect for meeting your kind of people offline.


Further information

You can say hello: nitya@kloh.in

Also feel free to follow us on Facebook ( https://www.facebook.com/pg/KlohApp ) | Instagram ( https://www.instagram.com/klohapp/ ).

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We are excited to have you onboard and hope to meet you on one of our events soon.

Join the team

If you have suggestions on what to host or want to share your hobby with the world and love meeting new people, please email us for more details along with a summary of your experience: nitya@kloh.in

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