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HTML and CSS are the backbone of any web design. In this forum we will connect and learn latest things getting evolved in HTML and CSS. As part of this group we will connect monthly once and invite speaker who as anything to share in there learning journey. We can also conduct workshops to make the base of all web design(html and css) strong.

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Javascript data structures in real time application

Tesco Bengaluru

Topic 1: -Rethinking testing in React - 20 min Speaker - PranayVinay, Kalro (https://www.linkedin.com/in/pranay-kalro-6674b5ba) Topic 2: - Why are Data Structures and Algorithm's important - Writing custom solutions - Understanding datatypes - Understanding Time Complexities - Why it really matters - Discussing real world use cases - Stacks, Queues - Linked Lists - Trees: BST, Heaps - Balancing Trees - B+ Trees - Dynamic Programming basics - Workshop: Solving actual problem(s) Speaker - Ankush Dharkar (https://www.linkedin.com/in/ankushdharkar/)

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Javascript Design Patterns

Tesco Bengaluru

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