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About KeyTerns: KeyTerns is a thematic travel designer and an organizer of fixed schedule, personalized, corporate and educational travel in Nature - Offbeat, Heritage - Culture and Spiritual - Wellbeing.

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Inspired by: KeyTerns derives its name from super bird “Arctic Tern” that travels from the Arctic to Antarctica covering around 90,000 km per year. In its lifetime, it travels 24 Lacs KM, which is equivalent to 3 times traveling to the Moon and coming back.

KeyTerns is a thematic travel designer and an organizer. KeyTerns organizes Group, Personalized, Corporate and Educational Travel in Nature - Offbeat, Heritage - Culture and Spiritual - Wellness areas.

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Yi Peng Sky Lantern Festival Chiang Mai 2019

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Yi Peng is a festival of lights celebrated in Thailand. The unique feature of Yi Peng is the release of paper lanterns called “Khom Loi”, which are elevated high into the sky by fire and hot air as it rises. Buddhists believe that the act of releasing the lantern during the full moon saves themselves of bad luck from the past year, and generates a good fortune in the coming year. Chiang Mai, the former capital of the Lanna kingdom, hosts the largest Yi Peng lantern festival in Thailand and it draws tons of tourists every year. Highlight Encounter the Sky lantern Festival at Cowboy Military Horse Riding Club Mae rim Chiang Mai Experience the breathtaking view of a thousand lanterns flying in the sky. Understand Lanna cultures dances. Join with the Mahouts at Maesa Valley – home domesticated elephants in Thailand Trip plan, cost and details http://keyterns.com/event/lantern_festival/ Please contact[masked] /[masked] / [masked] to booking. Click link below to join our WhatsApp group to get updates about our trips. https://chat.whatsapp.com/EkP1EzUnRu2CpthEcR473d

International Cherry Blossom festival in Shillong 4N5D

Description: This is a group package to indulge in the world’s only autumn cherry blossom festival. Nature’s beauty gives us enough reasons to travel to different parts of the world. The Cherry Blossom tree flowers are for a short period in a year. The city will be scattered with wispy pinks and whites. The best way to enjoy the season is hanami, a Japanese concept that means “flower-viewing” or looking at flowers. There will be events held around the bloom. Highlights of the trip: – Mesmerizing flowers across the city – Events related to cultural activities, sports, youth affairs, music concerts , japanese tea ceremony – Visit to cleanest village in India – Troll on the living root bridge – Exploring the underground caves Trip India International cherry blossom festival commence on November 14th and takes place for 4days. During this time, pink and white cherry blossoms is found all along the roadside of the famous Ward Lake. Alongside, the festival will showcase the region’s food, wine and crafts in addition to several cultural events. Embassy of Japan is a strategic partner for the festival and there will be several cultural events showcasing Japanese culture and cuisine. Price: Rs.17062/- Please contact[masked] / [masked] to register.

Chettinad Heritage Trip with Architect

Chettinadu Mansion

The region of Chettinad is located in the central part of the State of Tamil Nadu (South India). The main town of the region is Karaikkudi, which is 90 km from the major sites of the state, such as Thanjavur (UNESCO World Heritage Site), Tiruchirapalli and Madurai. Chettinad region, spreading over the districts of Sivagangai and Pudukottai in Tamil Nadu is becoming increasingly part of the popular tourist destination thanks to the magnificent Raja’s palace in Kanadukathan, and French Art-Deco style palatial homes scattered across the towns and villages of the Region. However, beyond these iconic elements, what makes the charm of the towns and villages of Chettinad is perhaps the beauty of an overall village landscape created by the harmony of architectural elements and urban planning. Trail Type & Level – Drive and walk Join the trip to enjoy - Experience the mansion as a place of stay. - Taste the delicious Chettinad cuisine. - Learn how the spatial morphology of built form is influenced by its culture. - Understand the social life of the traders. - Explore the art and craft culture in the surrounding areas. - Visit the monumental artwork and sculptures at Pillayarpatti and Kunnakudi temples. - See Aathangudi traditional tile making factory. - Much more Trip plan, cost and details - http://keyterns.com/event/chettinad/ Upcoming trips - http://keyterns.com/events/list/ Please contact [masked] / [masked] for booking. ~ Team KeyTerns

International Sand Art Festival and Odisha Culture 3N4D

This is a group package to gaze the art in sand. The sand festival celebrates the sand sculptures made by skilful sand artisans from across the globe. It also highlights the culture of Odisha. The skillful sand artist produces very beautiful and eye catching sculptures made of stone, bronze and wood as well. Please contact[masked] / [masked] to register. Highlights of the trip: - An incredible sand art festival - A trail in the Chandrabhaga sea beach - Visit to Unesco World Heritage Konark temple - Exploring the historical structure of Jagganath temple - Chilika lake offers colorful avian charms in a thousand different hues presented by over 160 species in the peak season between November and February International sand art festival commence on December 1st and takes place for 5days. During this time, we could also experience the odisha culture and explore the world heritage site and the marvellous architecture built millennia ago. Trip plan, cost and details http://keyterns.com/event/international-sa…sha-culture-3n4d/ Please contact[masked] /[masked] / [masked] to booking. Click link below to join our WhatsApp group to get updates about our trips. https://chat.whatsapp.com/EkP1EzUnRu2CpthEcR473d

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Kanchi Heritage Trip with Archaeologist


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