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Are you a single parent? Divorced or going through a bad relationship? Even small fights between family members have a intense effect on a growing child.
Is your child shy and low on self esteem?
Is he a slow learner?
Is he hyper active or under active?
Is he not his best at school?
Worried about his emotional development?

We all know that 99% of your adulthood, behavior, behavioral patterns be it positive or negative are formed in our early childhood.
Why not understand the stages of emotional development of your child in detail and not make the same mistakes your parents made.
The workshop contains a lot of detailed topics like PAB in children, why being the most obidient and well behaved child is not the healthiest things, to map, check and analyse if your child completing each and every stage of emotional development, it also helps you as parents understand if your emotional development has been completed at the right time. This workshop is for every single parent who wants to understand the process of emotional development of a child.
An emotionally healthy child is confident and attracts a positibe and abundant life. Most of us end up not attracting a positive and abundant life, let's give this cycle a 360degree turn and bring a change.

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