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1x1 Photography,Indie DLSR Cinematography & Photoshop classes

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1x1 classes can be customized to:
1. Mix and match topics to personalize the class to exactly what you want to learn
2. Scheduled as per your timing convenience
3. Pace the class per your personal learning style - a full day, half day classes over several days, a few hours at a time, etc
4. Undivided attention, and a completely interactive experience with the instructor

TO ENROLL OR FOR INQUIRIES: If you would like to get in touch with me please email me at – v i n e e t r a d h a k r i s h n a n (a t) g m a il . c o m (Please remove all the spaces between my first and last name and add ie – the format is [masked]. This is to ensure only valid emails come in and spam bots don’t fill up the email inbox)

Topics are not exhaustive but only indicative. If you have a specific topic of interest not listed here please get in touch to work out a customized learning plan.

Photography topics:
Basics of Photography, Fashion photography, Product photography, Macro photography, Fine-art photography, Long Exposure photography, HDR photography, Sports photography, Wildlife photography, Night photography, Light Painting, Basic Flash photography, High-speed photography, Portrait photography, Working with studio lights, Landscape photography, Advanced off-camera flash techniques

Photoshop and Post-Production topics:
Introduction to Photoshop, Introduction to photo-manipulation, Digital Blending Techniques, Advanced Masking, Advanced compositing techniques, HDR toning, Stacking techniques for extreme macros, 360 degree panoramas, Gigapan stitching techniques, Introduction to 3d model integration into Photoshop, Advanced shadow and light shading in Photoshop

Low Budget Indie DSLR Film Cinematography:
Introduction to film camera tools: video heads, field monitors, sliders, jibs, matte boxes, basic rig setups, how to assemble you first DSLR film setup, , video formats, colour spaces, introduction to cinema camera types
Introduction to sound tools: Shotgun mics, Lavalier mics, Boom poles, Sound recorders
Cinematic techniques: 180 degree rule, shutter angle, aspect ratio, basic shot types, recording live sound, shooting best practices
Software: Editing basics with Adobe Premiere Pro, Colour Grading for a Cinematic Look in Davinci Resolve

Cost: This would depend completely on the topic(s) of choice, duration of classes desired and several such factors. Please email me with your requirements and I will let you know the price accordingly.

About the instructor:
Vineet is a professional fine art, travel and fashion photographer based out of Paris, France and Bangalore, India. He is currently directing and shooting his first full-length film on architect Laurie Baker. His work has been featured in Asian Geographic, Marie Claire, Vogue, Saatchi, and several other international magazines and publications. His clients have included Genera1 E1ectric, Diese1, TagHeuer and other corporate brands. His fine-art work has been exhibited in the US, Germany and in India. Model Mayhem (Fashion):
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