What we're about

This is a group for the open discussion about the various topics of Polygamy.

In addition we would like to offer support to discuss and guide those who are engaged in or thinking of becoming engaged in Polygamy.

This group is not to degrade Monogamy, however it is an endeavor to promote better understanding of couples who want to be intimate with more than one partner, yet promoting love and respect for the relationship they are in, thus avoiding break-ups and divorce.

Basic rules of this group in text or person:
1. No swear words are permitted. However, criticizing a topic, phenomena, personality or a person is permitted without using vulgar words, as long as the criticism is done in an academic manner with the aim to highlight or better understand a problem or phenomena.
2. No vulgarity. Discussions related to private human functions if necessary to study social trends or religious rulings, must be discussed in a ethical and academic manner.
3. No obvious spamming/advertising of things which are completely unrelated to the theme of the group.
4. Discussions should be directly related to the main topic.
5. This group doesn't promote Swinging/Couple Swapping/Dating/Matrimonial Search/ Group Sex related topics, Polygamy is all about respecting individuals and is not touted as sleaze.

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