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Currently, single parent families are one of the fastest growing types of families in Bangalore. This is expected to continue as greater acceptance, changing values, more support and freedom of choice impacts on our understanding of what the word “family” means. Separated, widowed, divorced, single by choice, living apart can all fit into the category of a single parent family.

Your kids will benefit when they see you having normal, healthy and functional relationships with others. Women especially need other women for their emotional support and tend to share their thoughts, experiences and insights very quickly after meeting each other. This form of networking fosters the creation of bonds which often leads onto long term friendships.

This Group is created to support Single Parents and their Kids who are looking for: community connections, support and networking but most of all just getting like minded people together to see they are not unique in their situation and have an opportunity to share! The meet up’s will be held fortnightly, for the next few months and may evolve to become more or less frequent. The Meet up will have activities where both the Parent and the Kids can participate.

Benefits of Joining a Single Parent Group

· Meeting like minded adults who are going through the same experiences. It can be invaluable to speak with others who have been where you are and are willing to share their own tips for getting through.

· Although your best friends may be able to lend a listening ear and sympathize with you, true empathy will come from others who are going through a similar life experience.

· Expert speakers, conferences, meetings, newsletters and group sessions can evolve out of this group at a later date.

· This meet up group can be a mode to organize group holidays. We can get better rates as a group and also share holidays with like minded people.

· Networking value, especially in terms of gaining recommendations around services, trades people, discounts and home maintenance.

· Friendship opportunities for children which exist outside of their everyday sphere. This also helps with kids who feel different to their peers who may live in two parent households.

· A successful group can provide the same benefits as a united family. For a single parent with children who has no immediate or extended family, a group and its members can help to fill this void.

· Many successful relationships have been formed as a result of couples meeting at a single parent’s group.

What we are not?

· We are NOT a dating site

· We are NOT a matrimonial site

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