What we're about

Do you fancy driving through hills & forest, crossing the deserts, exploring new countries and soaking up the history of bygones. Most important do you love to plan and execute an unforgettable journey? It would be preferable if you own a vehicle and love to take it around. A big shout out for all women bikers and carers. If you don't drive yet but are a good in surviving in the wild in case we are lost you are most welcome to join the group. Also a big shout out to if you want to visit the likes of Cambodia, Vietnam, South Africa or North pole may be.

Disclaimers below.

1. If you are taking your car/ bike out, any damages caused to it by you or others is your responsibility. You are fully aware of this risk and yet agree to take your vehicle out for drives. You will not hold the host or any other travelling companion responsible for any damages to your vehicle i.e all damage expenses are to be borne by you.

2. If you do not agree with point 1, you agree not to take your vehicle out on trips.

3. You agree to share the fuel expenses and toll expenses with your co-vehicle guys.

4. Host is not responsible for resolving any disputes between you and any other member

5. The trip is as much your responsibility as the organiser's.

6. You agree to do at least one trip in six months.