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This group is for those wonderful individuals who have realized that social institutions like monogamy and marriage fragmentize human societies into smaller and smaller units, thereby distancing people more and more.
We believe in a quest for group (or community) existence, absolute freedom, self-responsibility, caring for mother earth, true knowledge, creating an utopia in the near future, etc.


Unrestricted Love & Non-Monogamy

We do not believe that one should love or have intimate relationships with only one person in her/his entire life. This is because love, by its very definition, is selfless and free-flowing. Moreover, we realize that man being a social animal, the institution of monogamic marriage (ceremonial or civil or both) only fragmentizes society into smaller and smaller units called families. This in turn distances people from one another, creating a mechanical society which we are not comfortable settling in.

We believe in group or community existence where everybody loves and is loved. There is no condition that forces somebody to love somebody in our community if s(he) doesn’t feel to, but we do not self-inflict a wall within ourselves that prevents us from loving more than one person at any given time. For us, words like love, life, relationship, etc., have much deeper sense than its common usages. We are bonded to each other in a very deep way, and we are committed to keep it that way.

Absolute Freedom & Self-Responsibility

We believe that freedom is the apex of all, and is above and beyond the rule of the land or the law. We believe that no person achieves her/his best without absolute freedom. Nobody (or book) dictates what we can or cannot do under the sky. Being a part of this universe, absolute freedom is everybody’s birthright, whether they realize it or not.

But with absolute freedom comes the need for absolute self-responsibility. This means that having absolute freedom does not mean that one has the freedom to abuse or hurt somebody. Or in other words, it is a responsibility that should come from the deeper and peaceful self that reflects human values and the meaning of our existence in this universe. Absolute freedom can often be a boundary-dissolving experience. Depending on the location and customs that has contributed to one’s nurturing and upbringing, this may sometimes cause difficulties. However, we see such difficulties as essential matters that demand an un-learning. Because, being brought-up in this mechanical world, it is essential that we unlearn many things before we can start this wonderful journey called life.

The Real Utopian Dream

Many have tried and failed, but we are not willing to fail. We do not wish to lie in the pages of history as another community that tried and failed. We have not yet started and that is simply because we are in the planning phase. We know that if the planning is good, success cannot be far. But our utopian dream is not one that is only geographic. We look forward to setting an example to the world. An example, which we hope eventually will be followed by many around the world, bringing in a cumulative effect on the world.

Moreover, we realize that the creation of a self-sustained, technologically advances, and earth-caring utopian state is essential in these times than ever. Because nations are in constant economic race, leaving the polar ice to melt and our forests to vanish, we realize that this must be done now or never.

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