What we're about

Bangalore Adventure School provides technical training for all adventure and nature related activities.

Naturally our activities overlap with fitness, tourism, travel, food, friends, photography etc. but, the primary focus or rather the common denominator in all our events will be training or rather learning.

Our Mission is "To enable everyone to safely enjoy the outdoors on their own!"

Not just an experience; it's a Learning Experience!

What we offer?

Currently, we offer technical training in 5 streams of outdoor adventure activities which are listed below. And then, for the graduates of our courses, we conduct events and trips to various locations within and outside India. However, once a while we also arrange events and trips that are open for the everyone. We also offer some sessions that are open for all and free of cost as well.

1. Canyoneering / Canyoning Stream

Bangalore Adventure School is the only institute in India that provides structured training in technical canyoneering / canyoning. The training is split into multiple levels and each level is 1 day long.

2. Trekking Stream

Trekking is one of the simplest outdoor activity and hence almost everyone can engage in it. It is basically, human powered long walks in the backcountry. In the trekking stream, BASCOOL offers a list of courses.


2.1 WTC - Wilderness Trekking Course (One-day treks)
2.2 WBC - Wilderness Backpacking Course (Multi-day treks)
2.3 HAT - High Altitude Trekking

3. Caving Stream

BASCOOL's exploration team has always been interested in caving. Since 2016, our team happened to discover some previously unknown caves. Hence, in 2019 we started offering caving courses as well so that we can safely introduce the public to this amazing world of caves.

4. Climbing Stream

In rock-climbing stream, we offer different courses like Bouldering, Top Roping, Anchoring, Lead Climbing, Self Rescue, Rescue Course etc,

5. Scuba Diving Stream

For Scuba diving, Bangalore Adventure School has partnered with PADI certified providers in Murudeshwar to offer courses like Open Water Diving, Advanced OWD etc.

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