Past Meetup

Portraits With A 50mm Lens

Location image of event venue


Hey guys I am back in my full health again. What would we shoot?
Each others. So every photographer is also a model. Outdoors in natural light. Equipment? Since there is a restriction on equipment, please make sure you get your own equipments.
A DSLR or a mirrorless camera with a 50mm lens. If you don't have a 50mm lens, get your 18-55 lens set it to 50mm and shoot. Should any of you have reflectors please get them. Restrictions:
1. Focal length is a restriction. Nothing above or less then 50mm
2. The image shot during this shoot must not be cropped, strictly. That will help you all compose before you shoot

Location, is still an option I am looking for. Any suggestions please let me know. RSVP as Yes only if you can make it.