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Calling all Product Managers! Deep Nishar, SVP, Products & User Experience at LinkedIn, once said, 'A great product manager should have the brain of an engineer, heart of a designer and speech of a diplomat'. With countless Product startups / companies emerging out of Bangalore, the role of a PM has become both coveted and challenging. Let's get together to: - exchange learnings and best practices, - share how you are going about various functions like Product Marketing, Design and UX, Technology, Product Development, Ideation and Customer Development at your workplace, - talk about how you beat the industry benchmark for user activations or how you're building frictionless user on-boarding process etc., - learn and sharpen our skills.

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Meetup#7 Product Management Processes

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Hi Product Managers of Bangalore, Let's talk about the PM processes you follow. Agenda: 1. Introductions by the Host 2. First round: Short introduction of each member. Name and 2-3 lines (1-2 min) 3. Second round: Every member gets to speak about the learnings about the PM processes 4. Third round: Open house discussion. 5. Ideas and suggestions to take the club forward. Next meetup date, time, venue. We will talk about what to plan for the next few meetups. Here are few of the thoughts to be discussed to take the group forward. We will discuss and plan the next one. 1. PM Book(s) learnings, takeaways 2. Podcasts to follow - Learnings from the past few podcasts. 3. One specific area of PDLC deep dive. 4. Case studies - learnings from your own experience about a specific topic 5. Calling a speaker from the PM world for sharing experiences and learnings. PS: This meetup is not paid. You pay only for what you order. For any queries pls call/wsapp Ayush on[masked] /[masked]

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