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The 4th Fold, Making Notebooks w/ Paper Ranger for Jungle Aid

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…turning one man’s trash into another man’s treasure…
this project working under The Foundation of Thai Rural Reconstruction Movement since 2007

Paper Ranger is a group of Super Hero that comes to save the world via the process of using computer paper (especially A4) efficiently. We try to make full use of both side of the A4 paper, as we know about the human behavior that most of people used only one-side-A4 paper. Then, we collect those leftover one-side-used-A4 papers from some company, university, school, or anywhere to use them in our creative way. We originate them to be a lovable hand-made notebook with our attractive method.

In contrast, there are many students in the rural area that do not have notebook to use in the class. Thus, we send all those handmade notebooks to help them. We try hard to be the middlemen between both groups and we would like to spread our know-how to the social and let everyone be "PAPER RANGER"

What the attendees would get from the activity?

“FULL SENSE OF PARTICIPATION” in helping Thai students in the rural areas…
“FULL SENSE OF PARTICIPATION” in helping our world by making full use of papers…

Participation Cost: Baht 300

WATCH this video on Notebook Making by Paper Rangers:

I'm heading with 5 volunteers from our group to a remote village on our next medical charity trip ( with Jungle Aid and we need notebooks to donate to small schools for Karen children. Join us this weekend to make recycled notebooks and enjoy a very productive day while meeting new friends!!

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How to get to the Volunteer Spirit house (Paper Ranger), please download and print this map

While Ms. Jade ( is on a school break back home, K' Pilaiwan ( is going to host the event for the meantime.

See you all soon!!