Dealing with Vector Drawables and @Experimental Kotlin Coroutines

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This event is composed of two talks:

"Dealing with Vector Drawables" by Juraj Kuliska

The core of the talk is to show how to create your own vector icons from scratch or edit the existing ones you get from your design team or download from an external source. I'll focus on how to draw shapes using the SVG commands.

"@Experimental Kotlin coroutines" by Ivetta Jurcikova

Kotlin coroutines have become a stable feature in Kotlin 1.3. We can
finally get rid of the experimental flag and dive into the world of
concurrency. However, there are still some experimental and obsolete
declarations which may get changed or redesigned in the future. In this
talk, we will focus on these features, going through Channel, Actor, Select
expressions and recently released Flow so that you get familiar with the
forthcoming part of the coroutines API.

Speaker: Juraj Kuliska

Juraj is Android Platform Lead at STRV in Prague, Czech Republic. Recently, he enjoys the visual aspect of developing Android apps a lot hence the topic he likes to talk about is related to that and deals with Vector Drawables also he started enjoying speaking at meetups very much and he will like to share his knowledge and experience.

Speaker Ivetta Jurcikova

Ivet is an Android developer at STRV in Prague, Czech Republic. In recent years, she gained a lot of experience from the Android community and now, she feels that it is the right time to share some of her experience with other Android enthusiasts.