Monthly Barcelona Financial Independence Meetup

This is a past event

9 people went


In a few words, financial independence is:

'The freedom to choose whether or not you want to work and what sort of work you want to do’

Pretty amazing, right? And this is something anyone can achieve with consistency, education and smart moves. This meetup is about helping each other understand what FI is all about, how it could change your life and why it's more than just about money. No get rich quick, no money tricks. Pure education and meeting fascinating people.

I, Araminta, am just a blogger who's a fan of the topic. You can check out my blog at Financially Mint ( and my podcast which I host with two other friends at FI Europe (

Last month's meetup was a great success so we're doing another one!

There's no pressure to know or share anything.

A few beers, some interesting chats and a ton of inspiration. 😉

Idea: someone does a small presentation on how FI changed their life. Could be interesting? Yay or nay?

See you there!

Location: Alsur Cafe Lluria