Sugar & Fat in your diet: debunking myths and lies

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Every day we’re bombarded with news, ads, and our friends and family telling us what is the “right way to eat”.

You’ve heard those phrases a lot:

— “You need sweets for your brain!”
— “Eating too many eggs will cause heart disease!”
— “I’m always buying low-fat yogurt and brown sugar because I take care of my health”

Why are those considered the norm? Where do they come from? Is there real science behind them?

In this talk, we’ll take a deep dive into how our body metabolizes sugar & fat, understand how and why saturated fats were demonized (and what is wrong with it), and finally get some closure on how to debunk the “bad” science and not to be a victim of a marketing campaign.

Disclaimer: This talk is not sponsored by any company, there will be no promotion of a supplement, product, or service whatsoever. The author is just passionate about the field of nutrition and science and does that talk for philanthropic reasons only.

This event is hosted in new and spacious Itnig Coofice space.
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Image: © Brendan Jamison