Past Meetup

Digital Strategies in Action - Advice, Doubts and Troubleshooting


Price: €15.00 /per person
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● Are you happy with how you’re managing your business online?

● Do you feel like your digital strategy is stuck in a rut, or not working in some critical aspect?

● Do you need new input on a particular problem with your website, blog, social media or marketing strategy?

An online strategy helps you reach your business goals without feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or inefficient. It acts as a road map, laying out exactly what you need to do to ensure your online presence is manageable, sustainable, and profitable. It should be the foundation of what you do online, but it’s easy to let it get messy and lose focus. When that happens, we need to take a look, refine, and get it back on track.

What we’ll do

● First up, we’ll briefly revise the need for a digital strategy and the relationship between goals, strategy and tasks.

● Then, we’ll fill in a handout designed to get us to be honest about where our strategy is now, what’s working, and what’s not.

● We’ll then have an open discussion/brainstorming to help each participant assess their own efforts, see what needs to change, get new ideas and ask questions.

● We’ll then use a second handout to make notes about what needs to change and how we’re going to incorporate what we learn into what we’re doing back at the office.

This workshop is highly collaborative and is only suitable for people who have active experience setting and meeting goals for their online business. It’s designed to help people out of a rut, encourage new ways of approaching your digital business, and to ask and collaborate on problems you’re currently having. You should have plenty of questions, observations and a willingness to take part!