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"Monoliths vs. SOA" and "DRY views with Components"

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Join us this July for hot ruby topics and cold beers! Daniel Sager will look for some middle ground between monolithic Rails apps and SOAs. Followed by Nicolas Overloop with a talk on using components in Rails views.

Monolith vs. SOA - Some Middle Ground
Daniel Sager - @danisager (

This talk describes the application architecture at Devex, a social enterprise serving the international development community. It's an analysis of a situation which is quite common to many software projects. Based on some use cases I'll show how we try to make the best of a situation dominated by technical constraints and present some refactoring patterns we found useful. Don't expect a textbook solution that solves all your problems, think of it as a tale about common problems and inspiring solutions in software design!

Keeping your views DRY with Components (30 minutes)
Nicolas Overloop

Short introduction on how to use view components to keep server-side rendering of views maintainable and leverage code-reuse. Components are used to contain all view-specific and layout logic that would otherwise live in partials, views or the model. They are a missing step necessary for clean and maintainable views in rails.

Nicolas is co-founder and CTO of NoviCap, a Fintech company backed by Seedrocket and Techstars that provides cash advances for outstanding invoices to small businesses in Spain.

Looking forward to meet you in XING's office!

Consell de Cent 334-336, 1-1 · Barcelona
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