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Somos un grupo de geeks de la ciudad condal que queremos compartir experiencias y conocimientos relacionados con el mundo IT y este lenguaje de programación que nos trae tantas alegrías como dolores de cabeza ;-)

Charlamos, debatimos y también organizamos talleres para practicar y poner a prueba nuevas tecnologías. En definitiva, compartimos experiencias relacionadas con la tecnología, especialmente con Java, aunque no sólo con este lenguaje.

Eres más que bienvenid@ si te gusta opinar, compartir, preguntar, aquí todo cabe y estamos abiertos tantas a sugerencias como nos quieras hacer llegar.

Bienvenid@ y adelante!
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Let it fail: resilience patterns for microservices

mytaxi Barcelona


Hi Devs, This meetup is about microservices, fault-tolerance and some real-world examples. What else can we say to you? So don't miss it! We want to thank myTaxi for hosting this event and providing snacks and drinks. Here is the the abstract of the talk: It's 2019. Teams are independent and we don't have a monolith anymore. We were told that with microservices we could keep our core functionality working while less important parts of the system are slow or even down. The problem is: designing distributed systems is not an easy task. The network is unreliable, services fail and there are lots of moving parts. At mytaxi, being able to resist partial failure is an essential requirement. We need to ensure that our customers have a smooth user experience, getting a taxi home or running into the airport, even when things go wrong in our system. mytaxi's platform depends on ~250 services that might fail at any time. This talk is focused on how we achieve fault-tolerance and what we learned during this journey. I will discuss resilience techniques that we use and how they can be useful to your business as well. Idempotence, retries, health checks, rate limiting, bulkhead and circuit breaking concepts, together with some real-world examples are on the agenda. And about Joao Alves in his own words: Throughout my 5+ years in software development, I have helped to create and resilient distributed systems at startups as well as global companies including Schibsted. I'm currently working as a Backend tech-lead for mytaxi, shaping the e-hailing and mobility markets in Europe. My main interests are distributed systems, microservices, event-driven architectures, reactive systems and type-safe programming languages. --- IMPORTANT NOTICE --- 1. People coming should provide the receptionist with their ID (DNI / NIE / Passport) due to security reasons. 2. As we do in our events, in order to prevent the no-show effect for those people that register and never come and to avoid problems to our sponsors (buying food for not present people) and to us (searching for bigger rooms), we'll charge 2 EUR to everyone registering and we will give back that amount for those that really attend the event.

JBCNConf 2019 The JVM Conference in Barcelona


Hi devs, We have very good news, the fifth edition of JBCNConf will take place on the 27th to 29th of May, and this year it will be hosted, both talks and workshops, at the amazing CCIB. http://www.jbcnconf.com We've already opened the Call for Papers, surely there are a lot people in the community that could give super interesting talks, are you up for it? Come on, you have until the 1st of April to submit your talk :-) Also we'll have tickets on sale on Monday 10th of December at 09.00h, run to buy yours because Blind Tickets can be sold out as Early tickets last year, in just 5 days! :-) Finally remember that we are open to comments, questions, suggestions, etc. Kind regards and see you on June for #jbcn19 ( https://twitter.com/search?q=%23jbcn19 ) ! ========== Warning: Registering for this event doesn't give you access to the conference, you need to buy a ticket from the link above ==========

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