What we're about

"A successful entrepreneurial ecosystem should be led by entrepreneurs themselves."

Barcelona Startup Teams is a community group that aims to connect all of the people involved in startups in Barcelona. There are various groups already aimed at startups, but these are either dedicated to web startups, or invite only.

The Blueprint for this group is Brad Feld's "Startup Communities; Building an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem", as follows:

1. The startup infrastructure should not be ruled by "old white guys" and your ability to get funding shouldn't depend on who you know and where you went to school.

2. Everyone is struggling with a capital shortage right now. Just carry on doing what you're doing and, if you do it well enough, funding will come.

3. The government moves at a slower pace to entrepreneurs, so shouldn't be relied up on too heavily to construct and support startup communities.

4. The startup community should welcome newcomers with open arms!

5. Successful entrepreneurial ecosystems are led by entrepreneurs themselves, and not investors, government or universities.

6. You can't create a startup community without taking risks!

In summary, this group is a hub for anybody with energy, enthusiasm and a strong belief in possibility!

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