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Welcome to the Twin Cities Department of Barks and Recreation!

If you have a dog (or just love dogs!) and want to meet new people who share your love for man's best friend, we are the group for you!

NOTE: All of our meetups are completely voluntary. By joining the group, you agree to our Terms and Conditions. (https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4-9T8E_05_zZm9VQkYzb05ybFU/view?usp=sharing) Please read them carefully. Please also read our code of conduct below. Feel free to private message an organizer if you have any questions or concerns.

GROUP RULES/CODE OF CONDUCT (https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4-9T8E_05_zazJaQW13bzhPMk0/view?usp=sharing)

• Please be respectful of the event host and other group members and keep your RSVPs up-to-date. The event hosts need to know approximately how many people will be attending their event.

• No-showing for an event where there are LIMITED spots and a WAITLIST is grounds for immediate removal from the group.

• Please do not private message other members in the group before you have developed a friendship in person. If you want to engage with people, please attend our events.

• The organizers of Barks and Rec are not responsible for the behavior of members' dogs. If your dog does not do well in social situations with other animals or humans, please leave them at home. Event hosts reserve the right to ask anyone to leave who’s dog is causing a disturbance or endangering other members of the group or the public.

• Barks and Rec has no breed restrictions. Well-behaved dogs of all breeds are welcome at our events.

• When attending an "off-leash" event, members agree to be in verbal control over their own dog(s) at all times. Dogs that are easily overstimulated or are not well-socialized with other dogs do not do well in off-leash environments and should not attend these events.

• Dogs attending our events must be current on all core vaccinations including rabies.

• While we encourage everyone to spay and neuter their pets, it is NOT a requirement to attend our events. That said, PLEASE notify the event host if your dog is intact. Not all dogs get along with unaltered dogs, and we need to know who to keep separate. Please do not attend events with a female dog that is in heat.

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