What we're about

A highly skilled team of professionals reaching out to Carers, Key Workers, and Support Workers to deliver a range of different services. We are a non-profitable group seeking to educate, self-motivate, and empower healthcare professionals.

Our discussions will cover the following topics:

-How to make a successful career in the care industry, there will be tips and planning on how to achieve your life goals.
-Financial advice to include budgeting and saving. Research has found that most Care and Support Workers fail to optimize their financial well-being, this group aims to overcome these obstacles.
-Risk management for 'Lone Workers', can we really mitigate those unforeseen risks, and do we really learn from witnessing bad practice?
-Personal management to include stress management, organisation, juggling work and home life, and flexible working. Scientists have proven that 90 percent of our diseases are psychosomatic and the origin is nothing but stress! How can we care for the world when we fail to care for our own health?
-Emotional intelligence and self-development, today's world is in real chaos with endless choices and unlimited confusion........How do we steer through and comes out like real heroes? No more secrets once we master emotional intelligence techniques.

This is a free service, there is no cost for sign up and admission, however spaces are limited and we work on a first come first served basis.

We offer a platform for all Social and Health Care professionals alike to network, sharing knowledge, ideas, and experience throughout the group.
There will also be opportunities for our members to suggest topics of interest to be discussed.

All those working within the caring industry are welcome to join us and we look forward to meeting you at our future events.

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