Start Learning the Lua Programming Language!


Price: $10.00 /per person

1313 Innovation

1313 N Market St, · Wilmington, DE

How to find us

We are in the Old Hercules Building. Come to the door, wave to the security guard, and they'll let you in.

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Monday March 21st, we will be offering a beginners' introduction to the powerful, yet easy to learn programming language, Lua ( This class is appropriate for anyone thirteen and older, even if you have never programmed before!

Lua is a simple to use scripting language that looks like the "C" programming language. It can be used on a wide variety of computer platforms, from Linux and Windows systems down to microcontrollers. Lua has been used to program games, Minecraft add-ons, etc.

In this class, we'll cover these basics of simple programming:

• Simple variables

• Tables

• Input (read) and Output (write)

• Simple control structures like IF, WHILE and FOR

By the end of this short class, you will be able to write small (15-20 line) Lua programs. The final challenge will be creating a program to track and record 30 days of electric meter readings, low and high temperature readings, and then predict cost for next month given average low and high temps.

You will need to bring: a laptop with Lua 5.3 installed ( and the Lua 5.3 Reference Manual ( loaded for reference.

About your instructor: Foster has been programming computers since building an Imsai in 1975. Since then he's taught hundreds of classes in a wide variety of languages. His current favorites are the Awk and Lua scripting languages. When not programming, he's tinkering with electronics and is a mentor for middle and high school roboteers working on competitive robotics.