Plant Medicine, Meditation & Mindful Movement Workshop

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Price: CA$35.00 /per person

Temple Vortex Wellness and Community Center

floor 3A · Toronto, ON

How to find us

Top Floor - Above the old 401 Games

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**Slow Down, Breathe, Move, & Reconnect with your Body**

This workshop will help you become more grounded, assisting you to connect with your sense of body awareness. In today's society, so many of us continue choosing to live mostly in our heads. By quieting your mind and listening to your body, you can gain a greater sense of intuition, inner peace, relaxation, and focus.

The workshop includes:

•Introduction & Journaling Exercise:
Focused on relaxing your mind and connecting with present moment and physical sensations.

Wim Hof & Shamanic deep breathing to oxygenate body and brain.

•Plant Medicine:
Cannabis helps to relax your body (and mind), and assist in increasing body awareness. It can also bring you directly into the immediate moment (where time becomes irrelevant), while being fully supported in a safe, secure environment under attentive guidance.

•Guided Meditation:
The focus here is the continued movement of awareness from the mind into body. This includes progressive relaxation techniques, breath awareness, and the practice of Presence (i.e. conscious, connected breath).

•Body Scan Meditation:
bring awareness deep into your body and connect with physical sensations in every area of your body.

•Mindful Movement:
I will guide you through a full body physical movement routine (primarily body weight movements) encouraging deliberate, controlled movements that activate mind-body connection and coordinate with the breath.

•Meditation & Body Scan

•Group discussion and reflection

The session will last from 3.5 to 4 hours.
Cost is $35 per person; Tickets can be purchased on Eventbrite at:

•What to bring: water bottle, comfortable exercise clothes, meditation cushion (if you have), pen, notebook/paper.
Note: There will also be several meditation cushions, matts, chairs, and notepads available at the location.

•Prep: It is recommended to follow a light, whole food, plant-based diet for 2 days leading up to the workshop and eat very light or fast the day of the workshop (ie: mostly water / fluids). Also get plenty of sleep and reduce intake of alcohol or other drugs leading up to the workshop.

"Let go. Be present. Trust your body."