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Our Group is non denominational for anyone on a spiritual quest and is interested in improving their conscious contact on a weekly/daily basis with the source/god/universe/metaphysical truth (however you view the power of it all, e.g. god/universe/metaphysical truth, the source from which all love springs, The almighty One; the Creator; the ruler of the universe; the Infinite; the Eternal). The source/God may or may not a person (your choice), but is a universal principle of indwelling power and intelligence with in us, and how we learn to love, live, trust this power in our daily lives.

About The Group

We ask that each member acknowledges that:

1. While honoring our different beliefs and spiritual paths, emphasis is placed on our similarities and common goal. “There are many paths up the mountain, but the view from the top is the same.”

2. Meetings unfold organically and participation is encouraged but voluntary. We can choose to share and receive perspectives, resources, and what has worked for us, understanding that we are each responsible for our own journey and our answers are within.

3. We are here to encourage and empower personal explorations through love and acceptance of all persons/places/things as they are. We embrace and accept that our perception may differ from another’s and that everything quite possibly happens for a reason!

4. The group offers a safe and open environment to provide a community to explore how to get from our heads to our hearts. Our focus is on the present moment and sharing personal experiences, stories, or thoughts that may be helpful in supporting another’s journey. We are not here for psychological improvement but to offer encouragement and individual perspectives on a given topic.

5. We do not require financial contributions during our meetings, however we would like to ask if you are able to contribute $5.00 or what ever you can afford at each meeting to support St Marks Church for letting us use their facility, your donation to the church will be greatly appreciated.

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