What we're about

A meet-up for Baseball/Softball enthusiasts of all kinds! Young or old, casual or hardcore, old-school or new school, and fans of all teams/players/league’s past or present, if you're interested in our national pastime you are welcome! Gatherings can range from watching the game, watching Baseball/Softball movies & documentaries, discussions on the game, playing the game recreationally, as well as, but not limited to meet-ups on baseball cards & memorabilia, playing baseball hobby games, and Baseball Book club.

Groups can be formed for going to games ranging from professional to Little League, as well as meeting to watch a game on TV. Groups can also be formed to watch other Baseball related content.

Discussion groups can be had on current happenings in the game ( Players, Teams, Coaches, Events, Games played/to be played, Standings, Playoffs/Playoff Races, Prospects, Statistics, Offseason, League Affairs, and more, including discussions on these aspects in the history of the game.

Recreational games can be organized, from Baseball/Softball pick-up games at a local diamond to Whiffle Ball in the street.

Another meet-up option can be focused on collecting/trading/sharing of baseball cards, memorabilia, and apparel, including attending events for such hobbies.

Meet-ups can also focus on playing baseball hobby games, whether it's Fantasy Baseball, Baseball video games, Baseball board games, or any other creative ideas!

We can do Baseball Book Club for the group as well, some reading options are "Pitching in a Pinch", "The Natural", "Moneyball", and much more!

The Meet-up will have a monthly meeting on group matters. There we will plan future meet-ups based on which of these activities people are most interested in and we can start forming sub-groups focused on some of these activities. Other activities in this meeting include baseball trivia, a raffle giveaway, as well as food & drinks! Group gatherings will be held at Rec Centers, Pizza Parlors, Parks, and of course Ballparks and Bars!

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First Group Meetup! (Brewers @ Dodgers)

Round Table Pizza

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