Saturday Morning run at Roosevelt Island Sportspark

This is a past event

20 people went

Price: $6.00 /per person
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Welcome! If you love to play basketball, but height is not your advantage, come out and play with people who aren't excessively tall! In the tradition of Spud Webb, anyone under 5'8", male or female, is welcome to join us on the court. We'll get some teams together and play some competitive, but relaxed bball-- without any giant hands in our faces! :-p

We rent out the gym from 1:30-3:30p.. Please arrive at least 5-10 minutes early as the sooner everyone arrives, the sooner we can begin playing.

Note that all games stop at 3:30pm as we must be out of the gym no later than 3:30pm. The gym adjoining bathrooms, lockers, and water fountains.

Eligibility to Play:

* You must be no more than 5'8"

* You must RSVP (please do not show up unannounced)

* You must sign the liability waiver, which can be found here (

Game Rules:

1. Play by ones and twos to 11 - win by one point.

2. Make it - take it.

3. Backcourt if the ball hits the rim or backboard. Air balls are fair game to put right back up.

4. Jump balls/disputed calls will be determined by a three pointer since the laws of basketball physics are very clear that "the ball never lies."

5. Walls, half-court line, and ceiling are out of bounds.

6. Usually each team has 1-2 subs. Subs should enter mid-game (one of the teams reaches 6 points) and should start the following game. Teams can regulate themselves but let's just make sure everyone plays!

See you on the court, shortly! B-)

Please do not show up unannounced (without RSVP):

If you do show up unannounced we will have to ask you to leave.

Refund Policy: A refund/credit is available if you change your RSVP at least 24 hours in advance OR, if you change your RSVP within 24 hours, as long as you post a comment on the event page and someone picks up your spot (BOTH are required).

Credit Policy: If you RSVP'ed to play, but you (or your +1) can't make it, let us know in the comments below. You can now track your credits here:

Note that our policy is to automatically issue a refund if credits are not used within 8 weeks of the initial RSVP.

Lastly: Feel free to bring your own basketball for shoot-around. And don't forget to clip your fingernails prior to game day. We tried playing with Edward Scissorhands once - it didn't turn out so well.

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