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Meditating with essential oils to anchor, align and rise

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Every week on Wednesday

Price: £11.00 /per person
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In a deeply relaxing and welcoming circle, I will take you every week on a different journey so you can anchor and ground yourself, align with your unique gift and recharge so you can rise and live your purpose. The chapel in Rode is a beautiful space to meditate. All levels welcome.

About my meditations:
I have added to my 15 years experience of creating and holding meditation classes, essential oils! The value of adding oils is massive, physically, emotionally and spiritually. WHY?

1. inhaling aromatic compounds connect you via the olfactory bulb straig
What to expect in my classes?
I use guided visualization journeys to connect you with your most beautiful and loving self. They vary every week and come from an intuitive sacred space of love which I enter when meditating. The images brought forward are guided and aligned with the consciousness and desires of the group and are therefore unique every time. within each journey you will follow a pattern, a sacred flow of anchoring, aligning and rising . you will learn. ;

1. How to anchor yourself, your dreams and desires.

2. How to align all that you are, through time and space so you can live your truth, who you came here to be.

3. How to rise and live your truth, feeling your beautiful unique self whilst being connected to creation and all that is

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