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Summer Evening Outdoors + Discussion: How can we put a value on professions?
You are welcome to join a discussion on why we reward people in different ways. Please think about the topic and bring your own suggestions. This will also be a social evening on a pleasant evening outside. The cafe has drinks and food. Here are some topics that we could discuss: - Society has placed a strange set of values on how it rewards the different professions - Is this because of relative Education, Class, Entertainment, Financial Gain or something else? - How big a role does gender play? Is there equality, and if not, how can we make things more equal? - Why do we value some professions so highly - is it because we like to have heroes who we place above others? NUMBERS ARE LIMITED FOR EACH MEETUP IN ORDER TO ALLOW EACH PARTICIPANT TIME TO SPEAK. HOWEVER, REPEATS WILL BE SCHEDULED IF NECESSARY, SO PLEASE JOIN THE WAITING LIST OR MESSAGE ME TO REGISTER YOUR FURTHER INTEREST. On the night please: -Sit in a circle and speak to the whole circle; one conversation at a time -Aim for equal airtime; points should be: *Short *Clearly-structured and *On-topic -Arrive early to order drinks The host moderates but peer-moderation is encouraged

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