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• What we'll do Following the recent scandals in Oxfam and Save the Children, how extensive and relevant do you think is the abuse of power in Charities? Is this the consequence of failure of leadership at a high level? What is the scope of leaders to override the ethical and legal framework of governance and employment law to do whatever they want? These abuses probably aren't limited to large organisations. Is there a major failure of governance and leadership going on with HR policies and processes clearly not doing what they are supposed to do? The moral maze is interesting on this: We can also spend time on the #metoo issue, which we covered at a recent meetup but which in many ways is strongly related to the more newly emerging issues with charities. There are some interesting questions to be answered such as: should the law be changed? Are we better behaved towards each other than previous generations? Is this also about power, rather than just sex, and if so how do we address that? How do you have a discussion around what behaviour is acceptable when 'acceptable' is defined differently by different people? • What to bring • Important to know

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