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Happy New Year BathCampers,

It's been some time since the last BathCamp, but we're getting things back up and running in 2016, and with this we're making some changes. First up, as is self evident, we've moved things to Meetup. We hope this will make it easier for people to get involved. If you have an idea for a theme, a talk you'd like to give, or one you'd like someone else to give, please start a discussion on Meetup.

Change of Venue - We will be at The Guild Coworking space, not the Innovation Centre. This is a bit of an experiment, but we hope this will make for more interaction, with a less "lecture room" atmosphere. Feedback welcome. Space is a little more limited, so please RSVP.

Sponsors - Storm (Bath based digital agency) are sponsoring this BathCamp, paying the venue costs and for the drinks. We're looking for other local firms to split the cost, so if you are interesting in helping out please get in contact.


  • From now on, BathCamp will be happening every two months on the last Thursday of the Month, except in February when we sync up with the Bath Digital Festival.

The next evening will be on 18th February at the The Guild Coworking space. We're keeping it light, with an evening all about tech that entertains, whatever the context, whether it's music, video, games or animatronic dinosaurs...

Our Speakers for the Evening...

Ruth John: Everything you think you know about MIDI is wrong

"I want to tell you about a standardised data protocol, one that is simple to use, easy to learn and quick because of the small packets it uses to pass instructions. It could be used in both software and hardware, in fact it already is. In this enticing and interactive presentation we’ll take a look at MIDI through the Web MIDI API, and no we’re not just talking about digital audio! We’ll talk through MIDI’s past, present and future. Could it be the data protocol of your dreams? Why don’t you come and find out!"

Ruth works for a small(-ish) mobile company in the UK. She’s a technologist in the research and development department, where she advises the business on new technologies which could be beneficial. You can often find her chatting about new mobile & web development techniques, playing with hardware or ‘Street VJing’. You can often find her tweeting ( ) and blogging ( ) a bit too.

Neil Ford: Hacking Animatronic Dinosaurs with the Raspberry Pi

The subject kind of says it all really...

Neil Ford, hacker, programmer and educator, has recently been to the Blackgang Chine attraction on the Isle of White to teach their staff how to get more out of their animatronic dinosaurs. Neil will be showing us what you can do with a Raspberry Pi and Node Red to juice up your robot t-rex (you've got one of those, right?).

Costas Calamvokis: Guitar controlled old-school synthesizers

I'll be talking about a project I'm working on to control old-school (analog) synths using guitars via some digital trickery. Turns out this can produce sounds never before heard and ways of interacting with guitar never before experienced. Whether this is a good thing or not, only time will tell... Hopefully there'll be a hands-on demo too.

I currently live in Bath and mostly write C++ for a startup in California. Before that I was in Portugal writing music-related software for Fishman in Boston and my own company, before that I designed chips in California at another startup and before that I can barely remember... oh yes... research for HP in Bristol.

High Street, Bath · BA1 5AW
2 spots left