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Online Security and Cybercrime

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Online Security and Cybercrime


Our focus for February is online security and cyber-crime and we have three great speakers.

*** If the meetup is full, please add yourself to the waiting list anyway as we regularly have dropouts***

Lisa Forte - "It’s time to start learning lessons from cyber crime victims". Lisa has spent her career working in the security industry. She spent time working in Counter Terrorism Intelligence and then moved into the South West Regional Cyber Crime Unit. Whilst there she saw the same cyber attack methodologies being employed in many of the cases. Lisa will discuss some of the these methodologies as well as some recent cyber crime cases that she has dealt with. Lisa recently left the Cyber Crime Unit to start her own business.

Susan Thomson of Scott Logic - Susan will be giving a beginners guide to cryptography. In the last decades cryptography has become ever more pervasive and important in our lives, from securing websites and messaging platforms, encrypting phones and hard-drives, and forming the bedrock of modern payment systems. Susan will introduce the basics of the ideas that keep us secure, online and off.

Paul Mutton - Paul is a security penetration tester and researcher at Bath based Netcraft. Paul will be talking about some of the ways systems are hacked and giving an insight into just how far people will go to get into systems or get hold of your data.

Talks will begin from about 7pm, doors will be open from 6.30 at the latest.

Code of Conduct

tl;dr: Be nice or go home

BathCamp is for everyone, regardless of age, gender, orientation or background. BathCamp is run by volunteers, we don't charge, and we aim to make our events as accessible and welcoming as possible for both attendees and speakers. BathCamp has always been a friendly and welcoming environment, we intend to keep it that way.

This concise Code of Conduct sets out in broad terms what is not appropriate. Anyone who behaves in a way that is not in the spirit of BathCamp will be asked to stop. If they don't they will be asked to leave. Anyone who harasses or behaves aggressively towards other attendees will be removed immediately.

The Rules

Be nice: We don't tolerate aggression or harassment of any form, either at BathCamp events or through the Meetup group.
Keep it clean: Sexual language and imagery is not appropriate within talks, demos, workshops or Q&A sessions after talks.
Be welcoming and generous to other attendees, especially new and less experienced ones. BathCamp is about learning, there are no stupid questions at a BathCamp. We will intervene in Q&A sessions if people are using them to buff their own egos or are putting other people down.

If you experience or witness inappropriate behaviour at a BathCamp event, or within the Meetup group, please talk to a volunteer (mainly myself Paul Leader, or Jamie Middleton) and we will deal with the issue.

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