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This community is for you if you are a Highly Sensitive Person who has a passion for learning about your highly sensitive trait, living authentically, self-development, and have a strong desire to connect with others who experience the world in the same way as you do.

The 5 common traits that distinguish a Highly Sensitive Person include: A Dynamic Sensory Experience (the 5 sense are more finely tuned), High Awareness of Subtleties in the Environment, Pays Attention to Detail, Thinks Deeply, Feels Deeply, and Highly Empathic.

20% of the population has the innate trait of high sensitivity. It occurs equally in men and women and is found in all species. HSPs can be Extroverts as well as Introverts and this trait is expressed in every ethnic and cultural background.

Find out here if you are a Highly Sensitive Person: http://hsperson.com/test/ This community intends to host various HSP MeetUps throughout the Bay Area. My intention is to provide a safe community for HSP to connect and grow and individuals. Once the group gets started we will have meetings with different focus topics.

Love and light, Kavita C. Melwani, M.Ed. Transformational Coach, Hypnotist, Regressionist


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