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The ADU (Auxiliary Dwelling Unit) has become THE #1 tool in solving the Bay Area's major housing crisis!
The state is pathing the way, removing key obstacles, but to do the rest will literally 'take a village'!
The 'Bay Area ADU' Group is for all that care to be 'Village' members, from public to private sector, from those looking to build ADUs to those looking to sell ADUs and associated products and services.

Summary of Inaugural Meetup Event (Dec 18th 2019): Warm thanks to those, who braved rain and traffic to join us for a magical night of lively discussion, inspiring vision, and productive planning!

We had a very engaged and diverse group, representing all segments of the ecosystem required to achieve our mission and solve the housing crisis by driving mass adoption of ADU's. No doubt that this diversity will be a key strength of our group moving forward, as we had city staff and elected officials, real estate professionals and service providers, entrepreneurs and corporate executives, and also buyers and sellers of ADU's.
Each monthly Meetup event, and the group discussions and execution between meetings, will help drive us towards our ultimate vision. Following are the inaugural meeting summary (Dec 18th, 2019) and follow up actions.


• Group kick-off with background about ADU's and the market in California following the recent legislation (see attached slides).

• ADU's go beyond the housing crisis, and can help the fight against climate change and for sustainable & healthy living.

• 'Magic Moments' - a few amazing thoughts/ideas came up during our discussion, worthwhile of further development:

• Look at previous major adoption cycles of EVs and Solar to identify critical 'bogeymen' inhibiting a solution to the housing crisis.

• Develop a program/solution for the 5-15% of SFR lots that already have an un-permitted ADU.

• Expand the view of an ADU as a potential 'door' to improving neighborhood communications, transportation, utilities, etc.

2025 Vision / Headline: We discussed the right headline that would best signal that we've achieved our long term vision. Many great ideas were raised but ultimately we hit a winner for the Dec 31st 2025 Mercury News and SF Chronicle headline (if they still exist): “YIMBY’s win! Over half of Bay Area single-family-homes now have an ADU!” Dec 2025 .

2020 OKR's (Objectives and Key Results):

• Increase data availability, showing relevant ADU data points to help breakthrough misconceptions.
Build a geo-DB / directory showing costs, challenges, programs, tools by address, and other useful information.

• Ease permitting process, allowing easier and cheaper access to permitting department services.
Make the business case to cities for more qualified personnel or 3rd party permitting services.

• Expand funding options, supporting the specific needs of the main ADU customer segments.
Find a financial partner and jointly develop a 'ADU Bridge' offering that solves the funding gap for people that need the unit built/rented

• Increase ADU availability, accelerating deployment with pre-approved models for the main ADU categories (Detached, Attached, Garage...). Develop permit packages for main ADU layouts/options.

Group Guidelines: group operates in a way that is:

• Respectful (to each other and the goal)

• Transparent (about who we are and what we're doing)

• Collaborative (even among competitors, as it takes a village)

Calls to action:

• Bring more people that can help.

• Use the Meetup platform to raise ideas, ask for help, solve problems.

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