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Photography Class/Hike - Learn New Skills in Nature

Price: $27.50 /per person

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This is one of the spots we'll visit on the lake.

This class/hike will be held at Annadel State Park, which a terrific place for learning about photography.

I've had requests for help learning how to shoot better, and operate cameras, so we'll take a photographic hike today and learn something about techniques and how to get better shots. We'll look at composition, camera settings, lenses/effects, filters, along w/ several discussions on technique. If you don't have a camera, but want to learn how to take better photos w/ your iPhone or Android then please join in. What I'll share will be applicable for everyone.

If you've been wanting to improve what you do w/ your camera (or cell phone), then this is the hike for you. I can guarantee you will learn from the time we spend together.

As a short bio, I've been shooting since I was 16 yrs old, and have taken many photography classes in college. I've shot weddings, concerts, and special events for companies. If you go to my profile pg and look at the photos you'll get an idea of what I do.

We'll do more shooting than hiking this time. I scouted this area specifically for this shoot and it's got plenty of great opportunities to learn. We'll be shooting landscape, possibly some wildlife, and portraiture, while taking in some really great views and scenery. If you already shoot and do it in the city, then this is your chance to get out into nature and see what you can bring back (in photo that is).

What others have said about this class:

~~ It was a great day and I learned a lot! Looking forward to the next one!

~~ Thanks Chas for an informative and practical, hands on practice in photography! I hope you will organize this kind of photography/hiking again.

~~ It was beautiful and educational hike with fantastic group! It was great to meet everyone!

~~ I learned a ton about my camera!

Here are some examples from one of our hikes - not exactly portfolio quality, but they'll give you some ideas to consider.

Portrait - consider what depth of field you might use (to blur the background). Here I used an exposure that emphases the beard.

Landscape - How can you create a foreground to add interest to your shot?

Framing - what produces the most pleasing landscape?

What To Bring:

~Vino! (and cups) - we can't have an outing w/out vino!

~Camera or Cell Phone (Manuals are helpful)

~Potluck Lunch (food to share) - dried fruit/nuts, meats, fish, wraps, cheeses/crackers, chips & dip, use your imagination.

~Hiking boots/shoes

~Layered clothing, hat, and sunscreen.

~Snacks for along the way.

~At least a liter of water - Fill 1/2 water & 1/2 ice.

~Drinks, drinks, drinks! Vino, beer, tea, juice - whatever whets your whistle.

If you've been on any of my hikes you know what to expect - so be prepared for fun!

Your sense of humour is an absolute must!

This class is posted on other Meetup sites, so plan on making new friends.


GPS 38.43722,-122.653256

From Hwy 101 take Hwy 12 East and when it hits the street, keep going straight about 2 miles 'till it T's at Summerfield Dr. Turn Right there and go 3 blocks and turn Left on Carissa, which you'll follow up the hill to the clearing on the left and park there.

This class is posted on other Meetup sites so this will be a good opportunity to meet new folks.