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Music Salon: Discuss Sibelius' 4th and 5th Symphonies

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[This is in conjunction with the Bay Area Classical Music meetup.]

You know how a book club works, right? I'd like to see how it works with music too. Let's try it with the 4th and 5th Symphonies of Sibelius.

Here's how I think it should go:

* You should try to listen to the music at least once before the meeting.

* During the meeting, we'll discuss the compositional history and context of each piece, some technical details about the music, and your own thoughts and reactions.

* After each discussion, we'll watch a full performance of each symphony streamed from the Berlin Philharmonic online archive onto a home theater system.

We'll meet in my apartment in the Outer Richmond neighborhood in San Francisco. I'm near Geary Blvd and 33rd Ave. NOTE: I have two cats, in case you are allergic.

I've limited the attendance because this event is cross-posted with another meetup.

More details will be posted as the date draws closer.

If you don't have recordings of these symphonies, here are some youtube links:

Symphony #4

Symphony #5


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