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Forum: The Mondragon Cooperatives (Richard Hobbs)

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With 120 worker-owned cooperatives developed over nearly six decades, the Mondragon Cooperatives in the Basque region of Northern Spain offer perhaps the most shining example on planet earth of institutions that are democratic, egalitarian, cooperative, sustainable, and kind.

With no laid off workers since 1956 and higher income than Spanish workers, what lessons can we learn from the largest worker-owned cooperatives in the Western world?

Richard Hobbs is an immigration attorney, former director of the Office of Human Relations of Santa Clara County, and Executive Director of Human Agenda. He will join us to discuss Mondragon only days after returning from his latest visit there.

After the Forum, please join us for a buffet lunch at 12:15pm. The lunch is complimentary for first-time visitors and students.

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