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Hi everyone! Welcome to the Bay Area B2B~ers!

Each event's purpose will be specific around B2B technology, relevant networking to the topic, and a local artist displaying some of their work at the venue.

We'll invite a startup or emerging technology to do a short (20 min) demo/presentation/Q&A, with relevant industry attendees in the B2Bers group (so join for free here to be able to go to the events!), ending the last hour+ with networking and a local artist displaying their work. The attendance list is dependent on the technology presentation topic, and recommendations always welcomed; from topics, startups, and artists, for future events as well. We also choose a local charity for each event where 100% of the ticket proceeds go towards that chairty.

In Short:

* We choose a market/vertical and topic

* We choose a startup or emerging technology group

* We choose a local artist :)

* We choose the charity

* You choose if it fits your background and, and only if in the B2B~ers group, send a quick request to come to the meetup!

* You choose the donation (Average of about $10)

This will also be the official kick-off of the first B2Ber group, and we will soon be launching in 2019 other regions as well; including Southern California, Seattle, Austin, Houston, and New York.

Our first meetup will be held in mid-May over in North Beach, so more to come quickly here, and stay tuned on the official date and time!

Ryan Rudin





All past events shown on this page before March 26, 2019, were for the former Bay Area Sales Network group which was offered on 3/26/19.

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