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Hi everyone! Welcome to the Bay Area B2B~ers!


In Short at the B2B~ers events we choose...

* A startup or emerging technology group for a fireside chat, Q&A, and relevant networking event

* A local artist :)

* A charity (but it's optional to donate as events are free)

*** You choose if it fits your background and, only if in the B2B~ers group, RSVP and come!

Events also include food, drink with venue provided by Bizzit, Inc.



Each event's purpose will be specific around B2B technology, relevant networking to the topic, a local artist displaying some of their work at the venue, and while events are completely free, an optional small donation to the charity we are supporting for that event.


We'll invite a startup or emerging technology to do a short (~30 min) demo/presentation/Q&A, with relevant industry attendees in the B2Bers group (so join for free here to be able to go to the events!), ending the last hour+ with networking and a local artist displaying their work.

The attendance list is dependent on the technology presentation topic, and recommendations always welcomed; from topics, startups, and artists, for future events as well. We also choose a local charity for each event and a link to (optionally) donate on the B2B~ers behalf (no price to come to the event but we'd rather give you an option to donate to a good cause though instead).

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~General Group Info~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Charities we've supported to date:

- Butte County Schools Long-Term Recovery Fund

- North Bay Animal Services


Companies B2B~ers have hosted:

- Rippling https://www.rippling.com/

- preHIRED https://www.sciencebasedsales.io/go



- Nate1Design http://bit.ly/Nate1design-Homepage

- For inquiries please reach out to our email below


For more info on anything B2B~ers related, please shoot us a note here:



Thank you to the tech companies/organizations below that have also offered our members free stuff/discounts:

- Drift (www.drift.com) for their #HYPERGROWTH $50 tickets

- HR Tech Conference ( https://www.hrtechnologyconference.com/ )

- Tech Day LA ( https://techdayhq.com/los-angeles )


Feel free to reach out to our email above or directly to Ryan on LinkedIn ( https://www.linkedin.com/in/ryanrudin/ ) if you have any other offers for the bay area B2B~ers.

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B2B~ers Event โ€” TBD Technology Speaker/Presentation โ€” Ft Artist ๐ŸŽจNate1

Hi B2B~ers! To learn about what the B2B~ers all about, see (just that, i.e. 'what we're about' section) our main bay area meetup page :) https://www.meetup.com/Bay-Area-B2Bers/ Expect details for this event in early February, event date may change depending on guest availability but the earliest it will be is Tuesday, February 25 We will announce at the latest our guest host/technology 2 weeks before official event date and time As always, we offer an opportunity to give donations to a charity of our selecting (instead of charging a ticket price), suggestions welcomed & send to [masked] ~~~~~~~~ In the interim, please check out our (what's become the norm) our local artist Nate1 and his work! See below... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~Local Artist Display~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Nate Tan (Nate1) artwork & New Skool clothing designs have been documented by numerous media outlets including: KTVU Channel 2, KQED Channel 9, KTSF Channel 26 and publications such as the Source, Can Control, One Track Mind, The Bay Guardian, 7x7, People Magazine, and SF Weekly. He was interviewed in the documentary Piece by Piece and in the iconic book The History of American Graffiti, revered as a pioneer of the West Coast art scene. Nate has used his experience in Hip Hop to create and teach the History of Graffiti Art classes and the successful mural workshops at 1AM Gallery. Nateโ€™s goal for his events is to show his local roots and experience through the imagery, techniques, and feeling in his work Insta: http://bit.ly/Nate1Design-Instagram Art: http://bit.ly/Nate1design-Homepage Clothing: http://bit.ly/Shop-New-Skool

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