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Update March 2021 — Hi to all members and 👀 (!)

While we're not there yet on getting back to live events in SF, I can likely assume that we're all a bit more optimistic looking ahead now. In general terms of course, but certainly for IRL events too.

If anything over this past year, the core values and purpose we started the Bay Area B2B~ers group around (2019) will be as important as ever. From helping our local community, to just helping each other through our relevant networks.

Supporting local innovators, artists, charities, and small businesses is what defines our group and events. So, needless to say, I'm ready to push forward when the time is right and safe. Not only will we be back to IRL events locally when that day comes, but expanding the B2B~ers group within the next year plus to at least another location out west, or two.

On the B2B~ers group sponsor Bizzit (www.justbizzit.com) — we've been good, growing, and are very thankful for that. Also gearing up for a big launch with our product out of beta in 2021.

For now though I just wanted to update our friends here, and potential future ones, to stay tuned. We'll be back :)

Last, if you're new or a current member and haven't already, connect w/me on LinkedIn (www.linkedin.com/in/ryanrudin/). Feel free to share any ideas related to how we can accomplish the groups purpose, goals, or anything relevant around that.

*Also please make sure to reference in your message that you're coming from our B2B~ers group too.

Be safe out there and wishing everyone all the best until,

Ryan Rudin
Head of b2b~ers meetup community/CEO of Bizzit, Inc




Hi everyone! Welcome to the Bay Area B2B~ers!

In Short at the B2B~ers events we choose...

* A startup or emerging technology group for a fireside chat, Q&A, and relevant networking event

* A local artist :)

* A charity (but it's optional to donate as events are free)

*** You choose if it fits your background and, only if in the B2B~ers group, RSVP and come!

...and food and drinks are provided via event sponsor Bizzit - https://www.justbizzit.com


Each event's purpose will be specific around B2B technology, relevant networking to the topic, a local artist displaying some of their work at the venue, and while events are completely free, an optional small donation to the charity we are supporting for that event.


We'll invite a startup or emerging technology to do a short (~30 min) demo/presentation/Q&A, with relevant industry attendees in the B2Bers group (so join for free here to be able to go to the events!), ending the last hour+ with networking and a local artist displaying their work.

The attendance list is dependent on the technology presentation topic, and recommendations always welcomed; from topics, startups, and artists, for future events as well. We also choose a local charity for each event and a link to (optionally) donate on the B2B~ers behalf (no price to come to the event but we'd rather give you an option to donate to a good cause though instead).

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~General Group Info~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Charities we've supported to date:

- Butte County Schools Long-Term Recovery Fund

- North Bay Animal Services


Companies B2B~ers have hosted:

- Rippling https://www.rippling.com/

- preHIRED https://www.sciencebasedsales.io/go



- Nate1Design http://bit.ly/Nate1design-Homepage

- For inquiries please reach out to our email below


Thank you to the tech companies/organizations below that have also offered our members free stuff/discounts:

- Drift (www.drift.com) for their #HYPERGROWTH

- HR Tech Conference ( https://www.hrtechnologyconference.com/ )

- Tech Day LA ( https://techdayhq.com/los-angeles )

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