Cupertino, CA

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Aug 28, 2013


Native to the Bay Area, but well-travelled. Love new experiences and adventures. Artist, student of life, and entrepreneur :)

Name the #1 thing on your Bucket List?

I haven't formally made a list yet, but a few off the top off my head: Burning Man, La Tomatina, staying in an Ice Hotel, ayahuasca, EDC, skydiving, milking a cow and drinking fresh milk, whaling in Alaska w/ the natives...

Tell us something about yourself!

Hmmmmm well, I just got back from Vancouver, BC and while I was there I ran into a group of topless men and women promoting Go Topless Day. Naturally, I joined them xD

Do you understand & accept the waiver? If you can't locate it, please message me.

Yes, sir/ma'am!